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One of the most vital components to human flourishing is access to space—residential space, commercial space, and community space. Flourish 44703 is committed to the development of neighbors within Canton, Ohio’s 44703 community by creating ownership of these spaces.

Neighborhoods with exorbitantly high rental rates are vulnerable. Many of our neighbors are wedged in a cycle of poverty because a disproportionately high percentage of their income goes toward rent from predatory landlords. Many of these houses are not maintained at adequate standards, and thus exacerbate their financial burden through higher utility bills exhausting their funds. Through multiple ministry partnerships, Flourish 44703 is able to purchase houses, remodel, and provide home ownership at no interest rate. Flourish 44703 prides itself on being able to provide mortgage rates significantly lower than the prospective family’s previous rental rates—thereby creating a long-term bridge out of poverty as well as bringing stability to neighborhoods.

We celebrate the existing commercial spaces and small businesses that are within our community while recognizing that there is need for more employment opportunities within the neighborhood. Through Flourish 44703’s relational connections, we celebrate an existing renaissance of business in our neighborhood while striving to create more through small business incubators.

We lastly concur with the conclusions of Ray Oldenburg and Janet Evans that it is through shared community spaces that neighbors gain greater social mobility through the establishment of relational capital. Flourish 44703 is currently transforming a former industrial property into a shared community space that will host churches, an after-school center with youth, as well as vocational training classes.



Flourish 44703 exists to help the residents of Canton, Ohio’s 44703 zip code spiritually, socially, and economically flourish through the creation, acquisition, and formation of residential, commercial, and community spaces.